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October 27, 2020

It’s Right for the Spurs to hire Tony Parker to coach Murray and White

With the loss of two top assistant of Popovich, it’s likely they will hire or promote somebody. Ime Udoka went to the Sixers with former Spur Hubie Brown. Ettore Mesina went to Italy. Becky Hammon and Will Hardy was the one left with the team. Long time shooting coach Chip England still with the Spurs.

Tony Parker announced that he will retire. In an interview he said that someday he wants to run a team. He is living in San Antonio. This is the time for Pop to hire his “son”.

Recently before the “drama” happened, Parker was offered by Popovich to teach Dejounte Murray. But he refused to do it as he wants to play quality minutes. A reason why he leave for the Hornets.

Tony Parker drafted in 2001 as a teenager from Paris, France. The only things that he had is a lightning quick first step. Even he won a championship in his second year. Parker went to the bench in fourth quarter of Game Six.

Murray and White can learn from him as how to handle the pressure. It’s shows how Derrick White that he played like a ghost in the last four games of the playoffs. After exploding in Game Three, White played below average. With Parker he can improved his playmaking activities. Even Parker had mistakes in his young years. This is what White need to learn.

Same with Murray, limiting turnovers is one of his weakness. Caring the ball means a big chance to get for points. Parker can teach how to used every advantage Murray offensively. He had his length and athleticism than any guards in NBA.

In a quote website, Murray a jumpshot away to be a star.

Derrick White and Dejounte Murray already proved on their second year that the Spurs had future with them. Consistency is the key for them to achieve the next level of competition. Parker can show them how to handle things. With a career like a Parker and to be a mentor was huge boost for their confidence.

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