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October 24, 2020

It’s easy to win in Vegas about the Spurs

Las Vegas the capital city of gamblers which they made a lot of money. Remember this they just made money, but they don’t play games. Most people want to bet with them think they are perfect and always right. Las Vegas predicted Spurs over/under is 46.5.

With a lot of sports websites predicted them to miss the playoffs. ESPN NBA, Fivethirtyeightminutes, and sometimes writer from Bleacher Report. In the last two seasons, the Spurs had 47 and 48 wins failed to reach 50 wins that they achieved in the last 17 consecutive years.

It’s an easy win if you get smarter betting over. The Spurs are healthier than ever since 2017 of West’s final playoffs. Dejounte Murray who wins the best defense team will lead the charge. With his return, he addressed the weakness of the team.

Derrick White was on his way to stardom. Both ends off the court he will be dangerous. Forming a great defensive backcourt with Murray is something scary to opposing teams.

DeMar DeRozan fully learned the Spurs system. Expecting him he must improve on offense and facilitator. Which the Spurs look to extend him. LaMarcus Aldridge still a force from the paint. We had two good additions in free agency which Demarre Carroll had a clear role in the Spurs rotation. While Trey Lyles will be a good project where both parties can benefit. They had the most improvement and depth bench in the league.

Last season Spurs had games that they already huge chances of winning. Like the games in Toronto and Chicago. So 47 games are money to win it all.

Then according to a Facebook page San Antonio Spurs Talk post in 43 seasons that the Spurs played in NBA they had in playoffs 49 times. Win five titles than missing the playoffs. In 1981, seasons in ABA played eight times in the playoffs. So for those experts. how shame to count the Spurs out.

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