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October 21, 2020

It’s a Fool to Compare Tim Duncan to Anybody

Recently, former Spur Stephen Jackson quoted that Anthony Davis is Tim Duncan in steroids. Davis was more of a freak athlete, can shoot outside, run and dribble. A more perfect in today’s NBA.

Steroids are a drug used by athletes to cheat. If you take this your performance will be on the next level. Everybody can achieve what they want with steroids. It will make you a winner.

Winning, it’s a lack of Anthony Davis DNA. Duncan win in every level of competition. A five-time champion, an All NBA talent and consider being the top five of all time. Anthony Davis so far in his career had a one playoff series win. The Spurs legend didn’t put a huge number like Davis but he made his guys better.

Timmy didn’t leave his team when he got to spank by the Lakers early on his career. He works his ass hard to overcome the duo of Bryant and Oneal. Davis demand to be traded and play with media hype LeBron James.

The last time experts compared Duncan to Okafor was a joke. Tim is a superstar who doesn’t demand attention. Play on his best and put the team in a better situation.

If Davis can’t win a title with the Lakers he will be considered a useless talent. He should be patient with the Pelicans instead of demanding a trade.

A fool to compare a legend that can do everything for a franchise for a guy who’s a myth.

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