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October 22, 2020

Injuries played a big part in the Spurs success

San Antonio Spurs is the most successful organization in the history of sports for the last two decades. Five championships never missed playoffs, never been in the lottery after Tim Duncan. Most of all playing in a small market that TV doesn’t care.

Injury has been a big part of Spurs’ success. The Spurs has been so good to recover from such a big disaster if we compare it to some franchise. Lakers never the same after the late Kobe Bryant ACL injury, same with the Chicago Bulls in Derrick Rose injury. The fate of New York Knicks after Amare Stoudemire multiple injuries is a disaster. These teams are at the bottom for multiple years when their superstar went down. Yet to make the postseason except for the Lakers who locked in this season.

The Spurs had an injury in 1996 having the third-worst record in the league that year. But the reward is Tim Duncan and the rest is history.

But there’s also some injuries in the Spurs that giveaway to others to show their potential and helps the Spurs become successful.

First of it was Manu Ginobili in 2011, he missed a lot of games. Gregg Popovich inserted Danny Green into the starting line up. Since then Danny Green didn’t disappoint the Spurs until the conference finals in 2012. Spurs 3 and D provide tough defense helping Tony Parker’s weaknesses. Green also gives spacing with his specialty from the three. Since then Green is a big part of the Spurs 2014 title run against the Miami Heat.

James Anderson’s injury also helps the Spurs after they look for Kawhi Leonard in a trade. Anderson is a good prospect out of Oklahoma. A guard/forward who can score or play tough defense. He got a game but a broken foot and never recovered himself into injuries for two consecutive years lead to Spurs look help elsewhere.

Right now, the Spurs have injuries to Patty Mills and Bryn Forbes. So Gregg Popovich had a chance to give minutes to Keldon Johnson. Johnson responded well with 8 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 assists. The last pass he dropped to DeRozan is to sealed Spurs win. The teenager played 30 minutes to a surprise. He’s being aggressive all game.

When the Spurs continue to give minutes to Keldon Johnson, it always a better outcome.

This kid from Kentucky compared to Russell Westbrook with a high IQ player. He’s always ready to show up when his number was called. Johnson’s confidence to take a shot even it’s not on his range is proof that he’s fearless.

Johnson isn’t a franchise-changing player or a Tony Parker or Manu Ginobili type of guy. But he’s a player that every team wants. Energy, hustle, confidence, and will to win. Spurs coaching staff can count on him every second he steps on the court.

We’re only watching a Keldon Johnson who played his tenth games of the regular season and it could be bad for the league once he cracks the rotation regularly. We’re not hyping this kid, it’s only the truth about the teenager who’s a kicker into trade from Toronto Raptors.

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