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October 31, 2020

Improvements of Jakob Poeltl that can help the Spurs


The big man from Austria is an underrated defender for the Spurs. He can make the team better with every step on the court. He can be a hard screen setter to set his teammates free or to space for a good play.


Jakob has been in and out of the starting five for most of his young career. Nonetheless, he performs whenever he plays and he made sure every minute counts. Further, the burden for LaMarcus Aldridge on the defensive end lessens whenever the two are on the floor. He always makes his presence felt in the paint; although, he’s not an athletic big man but he always look to block every shot.

Offensively, Jakob Poeltl has shown great potential in pick-in-roll plays. His physical attributes is perfect for this play. For instance, after giving a screen, he can roll to the rim for an easy deuce. The fourth year big man is also very good on second chance points. He has shown aptitude down low to get an offensive rebound.

Conversely, the former 9th pick needs to improve more on his offensive games in the post. He needs to learn simple hook shots or create a shot on the post. As soon as he can add this to his game, opposing teams will put the best or second best defender on him.


A luxury for the Spurs, they have another option on the low block when LaMarcus Aldridge is sitting on the bench. For a team that’s relying too much on the perimeter, Poeltl can stay on the court offensively whenever Aldridge is taking a rest

Next, Poeltl needs to expand his game outside of the paint. Further, with the help of Chip Engelland he can he can be deadly on midrange. Centers and big forwards now are taking a lot three’s but for Jakob a midrange from 10-15 feet is enough. Forthwith, imagine what kind of spacing in the lane he can give to the guards. He can assists on the weak side each time Aldridge plays his man one on one in the paint.

All things considered Jakob Poeltl has already proven that he can produce and help a team.  Hence, consistent minutes will do right to improve the weaknesses on his game.  Ultimately, if the Spurs starting five can score and create shots and defend at the high level, then the Spurs is hard to beat every game.

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