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October 22, 2020

If the Spurs needs a trade it should be Bryn Forbes

With the first quarter of the season already concluded, they just won only 33% of their games. This one of the worst start that the team had in the last two decades. They are on the danger to miss the playoffs for the first time since the pre-Duncan era. As a team, they are inconsistent with everything, in defense, a go-to guy and leaders that can lift up the team morale. The Spurs are 6-6 against the teams below .500, their best win of the season so far was against the Los Angeles Clippers and Portland Trail Blazers.

While we put on our minds who need to go to help the team in the future. DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge were the main focus of trade ideas. But these two All-Stars are hard to move unless the squads want to risk their future. Only teams that had a good chance to make a run in the playoffs are risk-takers. Aldridge is already 34 years old and had a fully guaranteed money for the next season. While DeRozan had a player option after this season and it’s hard to gamble if he stays. Also, the worth of his contract will be in questioned also as he is not the type of guy that plays in today’s league- shooting threes.

The move that beneficial for San Antonio Spurs that is easy to find some trading partner would be Bryn Forbes.

First, Forbes will be unrestricted in free agency after this season that he signed an extension three years ago. A rise up in his salary is necessary and must. The Spurs just paid Dejounte Murray before the season starts, they had DeMar DeRozan that will enter free agency. Jakob Poeltl also which the Spurs failed to secured him last October. The future contract of Derrick White with the team will be discussed also. Every dollar, they need to prepare the future payroll.

Second, the small guard position is available for anybody even for Marco Benelli. This move could bring up Lonnie Walker IV minutes. Which all of us are waiting for this to happen. Walker had that potential that all of us witnessed in limited minutes we’d seen him on the court. The inconsistency on his minutes cost his talent to be wasted if the coaching staff cant finds a way how to use him.

Bryn Forbes gives the starting unit a must need spacing. But the team now needs an identity on defense. Forbes had the worst defensive rating for the whole team with 118 per 100 possession. One of the reasons, he is too small for his position. Opposing guards bullied him by posting ups if they found a mismatch.

Although Forbes deserves to get minutes as he scores 13 points per game he had limitations. Forbes is easy to dispatch as teams now are looking for cheaper marksman. That what’s he brings to the teams in this modern NBA. A late first-round or early second-round pick is fair for his service. This is the only way the Spurs can unleash Lonnie Walker IV in primetime. This is the right time for the front office to make the right move. Walker brings the intensity, the morale that Forbes can’t.

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