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October 27, 2020

If the Spurs are boring, why the league employs people from San Antonio

The San Antonio Spurs don’t draw an audience on TV outside of his city. That’s why they didn’t have a lot of schedule on national TV. From ESPN NBA, TNT, NBA TV and all premium program who covered basketball. Remember the Spurs against Cavaliers is the lowest ratings of NBA Finals. One of the reasons is Tim Duncan’s sense of attitude and boring face. His limited appearance to the media and even commercial didn’t help him. Even Popovich harsh to the media made him the most hated figure in America.

Of course, haters said nobody wants to leave in San Antonio. They think Spurs isn’t the most successful sports in the league. So if they did these why do people around the league employ every Spurs employee. Most of the coaching staff and handling the front office had years of experience with Gregg Popovich. Every franchise in the league wants to get better they will look for San Antonio. Most of them who are contenders now had a former Spurs employee.

Milwaukee Bucks had Mike Buldenhozer which lead last year the league in winning percentage. Already win coach of the year twice one in Atlanta Hawks in 2015. He made Giannis Antetoukoumpo an all-around MVP. While Hubie Brown of the Sixers had a lot of weapons to become the NBA’s best. He guided the team since tanking season back in years. Until a back to back playoffs season which gives the Toronto Raptors a hell of a series last year. He’s leading assistant is Ime Udoka was under Pop also. The upcoming Brooklyn Nets was rebuilt by General Manager Sean Marks. He made a lot moves to recover from a serious disaster made by the former front office. They made the playoffs last year for the first time since 2014. Marks made good trades, picks, contracts and signed to marquee players in free agency last offseason. Tiago Splitter the coach for players development is a 2014 champion member. The young with potential Chicago Bulls lead by Jim Boylen who is with the 2014 champion Spurs.

While the West had a three-time champion, Steve Kerr, with Golden State Warriors. Which he mentioned he consulted Gregg Popovich before accepting the job. Prior to this, Steve Kerr run the Suns which they made a better rival with San Antonio. Monty Willimas now leading the surprising Phoenix Suns. Which he had done a great job with the Pelicans in 2015. James Borrego is with the Hornets. Chad Forcier now leads assistant with the Memphis Grizzlies. General Managers running the team came from being a Spur, Rob Hennigan, and Sam Presti. Dell Demps and Danny Ferry from the past.While protegee like Doc Rivers already won the title in Boston. There are a lot of successful coaches from the past like Avery Johnson who’s two games away being a champion coach in 2006. Also, an intern coach like Scott Brooks before takeover the Wizard, Jason Kidd after fired by the Bucks.

So what are they saying the Spurs are boring if they keep looking people on San Antonio. To entertain their own communities by winning. Playing simple basketball and winning isn’t boring at all. Those people are bitter about the Spur’s success in the last two decades. Committed to winning tradition is the right way to run a franchise. Only media, TV broadcast or host can only say Spurs are bad because they care for sponsors and ratings.

The Spurs will keep doing the culture they have established. No matter what the TV host or media personality said. Spurs is all about caring for his people. They don’t care about dunks, flops, stats, and MVPs. All they do is building a group of guys committed into winning for the people of San Antonio and around the world who love the Spurs.

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