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October 25, 2020

If the PATFO listens to the fans, will the Spurs get better?

We’re witnessing the Spurs with a losing record for the last 22 years. For more than 90 days, they’re below .500 basketball. But still in a run for a playoff seed. I refuse to say they’re bad teams because they beat the best in this league. A total dominant game that Spurs show composure. But they’re losing to the team supposedly they should win. Twice from the Atlanta Hawks, Phoenix, Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers. These games if they closeout well they should be above .500 basketball now.

People who love the San Antonio Spurs had arguments about what should the front office need to fix. The first is the playing minutes of Lonnie Walker IV as Popovich limits his minutes over Bryn Forbes and Marco Belinelli. Walker had the potential to be a good two-way player. The defense was lack of these two elite shooters. Which if the shot isn’t falling they give up too many points.

The playing of zero minutes for Demarre Carroll, Spurs the biggest acquisition last free agency. He’s DNP for many straight games doing nothing. People believe he’s still has a lot to prove. A good defender who can shoots three very well.

We also believe that our rookies should be in the big league. Playing good minutes to fulfill their potential. Competing on the big games is much better than in the G League.

The most important thing that we’re wishing it to trades players for young guys and picks. Spurs’ current leader can’t help the franchise to lift up to the glory. Two first-round exits in the second straight season. We think we need to rebuild on keeping guys like Walker or White.

Whatever sentiments we have this front office builds everything to put the franchise in a better position to win it all. They already had the process that nobody can’t duplicate. We always want to win every second of basketball which is impossible to do. We need to wait for the finish products what they can produce in the future.

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