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October 24, 2020

If the fans are giving up on DeRozan then who is a much better replacement?

Most of us believe DeMar DeRozan will leave the city of San Antonio after this season. They believe he isn’t the answer to our beloved Spurs. In doubt of giving him an extension because he is already 30, don’t shoot threes. DeRozan isn’t a good defender who gives up more points than scoring. Then the lack of success and the way he handles the basketball in the clutch moment is highly questionable.

So who do we think is much better than him that can replace his output. In case the front office can found somebody in a free agency or trade to help the team’s future. The best free agency was the last offseason. With Kahwi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Kyrie Irving. This group of guys is one of the best. Next offseason will be good but not on this level of the type of free agency. DeMar DeRozan will take advantage of it.

If thru trade then where will the Spurs can find a partner. Only playoff teams are interested in his services. They want to gamble on their run. The last time romured is the Orlando Magic. The Magic could give up Aaron Gordon or with picks. Gordon could be a good pick for the Spurs young team in the future. His athletic freak is great into transition game. But Gordon is bad defensively too and a turnover prone.

The latest I read is about the Bleacher Report trade idea. DeRozan for the exchange of Jonas Valanciunas and Jae Crowder. This one is a bad idea, the Spurs had Jakob Poeltl and much cheaper the Valanciunas. While Crowder is a good role player but the Spurs already had Carroll buried on the bench. This idea should be a better one if they add a first-round pick as Memphis is another lottery team.

Historically the Spurs missed a bunch of big names in free agency. Only LaMarcus is the biggest they had snatched away from the big markets. The big man is from Texas that’s why he choose San Antonio above else. The gossip of nobody wants to play here is almost true. So who’s gonna be a superstar hero to help save the team?

The verdict is to keep DeRozan with the team. Extend him and let these young guys get help from him. Help the Spurs play in playoffs. Again lottery is not the best idea to get better. There’s no five Tim Duncan waiting to pick this coming June. If the Spurs young blood had an appearance on postseason it will fuel them what they can do more. These groups of Murray, White, and Walker adds Johnson and Samanic would be a great team in the future.

So why not give them the bridge to keep the team in the hunt. Losing games can impact to them mentally. The team had no fully developed signal-caller at this stage of the season. No resilient scorer, that’s what DeRozan brings to the Spurs. The guy already plays for the system. Let him play his natural position and see how efficient he is.

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