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October 22, 2020

If Somebody can prove that Davis is better than Duncan, I’ll quit thinking

When I look at one post on Facebook about Anthony Davis is much better than Tim Duncan. I stopped for a second and said this man is a fool. Yes, do we know how the Los Angeles Lakers been hyped all the time? Anthony Davis is such an athletic monster who is hard to guard. If his man is best in the post defense, Davis can beat him by a dribble and speed. When he can bully, then he will post it up to get buckets.

Again if you compare him to Tim Duncan is fine but to say much better than Timmy then I will quit basketball. Ever since Tim take his shoes on the court, he made the impact right away. The Spurs win in just second season only, taking down big teams in the playoffs. While Davis has only managed to win two playoffs series since he started his career in 2011. Most of the time his team in rebuilding. Duncan carried an old Spurs in 2003 to break the Laker’s heart for a four feat. He made the Spurs a contender year every year.

About accolades, Duncan is a two time MVP, five-time champion and three-time Finals MVP. Anthony Davis yet to find this kind of success. Duncan played with San Antonio and never tempt to leave San Antonio after Orlando Magic free agency. When he retired the Spurs still a contender while the Pelicans is a disaster.

These people who love players that put big numbers on the board. Then came up claiming the title of being a much better player compared to a top-five of All time. A troll can only do this in their minds. Damn. Anthony Davis yet to find himself in the league of the greatest. He’s just another guy who’s fun to watch in ESPN but not with basketball minds.

The rules help Anthony Davis to get his number. Duncan’s basketball IQ is second to none since the league started. When you personally ask Timmy if this statement is true. He will give you one answer word. OK!

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