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October 26, 2020

If Murray jump shot is money the good things are coming in San Antonio

With the first day of training camp Spurs guard, Bryn Forbes said the Dejounte Murray jump shot is money. This is part of his game that needs to develop and take seriously. If he can do this consistently and translated it into games the better.

Good things are coming in San Antonio with this one. Within the range of 10 feet to 3 point line Murray shoots just more than 34%. Although this is an improvement than on his rookie year. Midrange can help him to score over his guard. With his length, he can see the rim clearly when he jumps.

Dejounte Murray scored most of his points within three feet from the basket. Which require a lot of effort and strength to get in the paint. He is a jump shot away to be an All-Star point guard. Murray should model Tony Parker’s game that had a similarity on him. They both relied on quickness to imposed there will on the paint.

The legend point guard develops his midrange yearly that his bread and butter in all of his success.

Team offense should start on Murray as the team needs another go-to guy. Maybe he is the second tallest point guard behind Ben Simmons and the best in defense. Of course, the midrange is a deadly weapon. When playing isolation it’s confusing. With these additional skills, he can preserve his energy and play a big part in the defense.

If Dejounte Murray can dominate both ends of the court the better.

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