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October 30, 2020

How will Dejounte Murray lift up the Spurs offense

The All-Defensive guard will be a critical part of the Spurs offense. They rank 12th last season in points scored led by Aldridge and DeRozan. The kid was known for his defense but as a starting point guard, he will guide the team.

Expecting to increase in his minutes the defense will get better. With the disruption in passing lanes, it’s an opportunity to run for them scores bucket in transition. This is one of the best things because the defense is yet to set up. With his athleticism, Murray can have an advantage in running the lane.

Dejounte Murray had a need to take care of the ball. He had a total of 134 turnovers in 2018. That’s limit your team chance to score more.

By attacking the lane Dejounte Murray drawn 61 shooting fouls, 13 converted to and one. With the game is getting old to him he will likely more demand the ball and bully his man in the paint. Murray is one of the most athletic point guards in the league. He is tall, long and talented so he can put himself to a position he can take advantage of.

Most of all his perimeter game beyond 3 to 16 feet. He just converted 36% of his attempts. It was awful for the most important position in the game. He made only better than Rajon Rondo the Lakers point guard. If he can translate his workout in the summer to an actual game it could be a huge upgrade.

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