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October 28, 2020

How do you grade Lonnie Walker’s improvement

Within his second year being a San Antonio Spurs, Lonnie Walker IV has been one of the most famous after Manu Ginobili. Since the draft night, Spurs legend David Robinson had a great time talking to him. The hairstyle that was cut last week, to help clean the city of San Antonio because of vandalism made by the people against racism. He got a character and leadership that Spurs need from him. He’s the most charismatic Spur right now.

On the court, he already showed up 53 times with four starts. He scored 5.6 points, 2.2 rebounds shooting 44% per game. Lonnie did it in only 14.5 minutes per contest.

Coming off the bench with a guy ahead of him like Bryn Forbes and Marco Belinelli his minutes likely to be limited. In three of his four starts, the Spurs are 2-2. Three of these games are close and they had a chance to win in one loss against the Cavaliers. Walker had his career-high with a come from behind win in double overtime against the Houston Rockets. The second-year guard scored consecutive eight points to force an extension. He also even help San Antonio beat one of the best in Eastern Conference, the Boston Celtics.

Sometimes there are games that Lonnie Walker hesitant on his shooting and made too many extra passes. But it looks understandable as a young player doesn’t like to commit mistakes. Most of the time he passes up rather make threes as he only tried 1.3 per game but converts 40% of it. Walker is a skilled defender which he helped Murray to shut down the perimeter once he started. If his offense isn’t clicking, Walker still valuable on the court.

Lonnie Walker offense arsenal is becoming dangerous as he’s looking good around the rim. He also drew shooting foul 27 times as per Basketball-Reference. Although he needs to find his touch from midrange which only made 30% this season, compared to 40% on his rookie year. His critics are shouting for an average contribution but it didn’t show his real worth with his current role with the Spurs.

Walker’s third season could be huge for him. Without Bryn Forbes on his way, he can take those minutes and maybe a lock-up full-time starter. With consistent minutes Walker will develop his good on-court chemistry. He can work for some aspects of his game this offseason. Lonnie Walker is only 21, with the way he drives to the basket he’s fearless. If he figured out how to finished every opportunity, Walker could be the next big thing for the Spurs.

This time Lonnie Walker’s grade is B-. The Spurs coaching staff led by Gregg Popovich yet to fully understand how great Walker is.

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