September 27, 2021

How do the Spurs will trade Aldridge to the Blazers?

Hints and continuous speculations for LaMarcus Aldridge that he want to finish his career in Blazer uniform. The feeling is mutual for Damian Lillard and Aldridge. They still want each other, Lillard openly discusses that he like the idea of Aldridge to be a teammate once again. Being a leader and franchise player of the Portland Trail Blazers the management likely to give him a favor.

After reaching the Western Conference Finals in 2019, injuries and disappointment for the Blazers.

So how does it looks like if two teams likely to trade for Aldridge?

Spurs get Jusuf Nurkic, Trevor Ariza, and 2021 first-round pick

Blazers received LaMarcus Aldridge

Why the Portland will do it?

The time for the patience of Damian Lillard is getting thin, his desire to play with Aldridge to contend is an open book. Yes, the big man is 35 next season but his knowledge to play with Lillard is proven in years. The Blazers can’t wait if Jusuf Nurkic will be back in his career year before injury hit him. Trevor Ariza is just a salary filler on which the Portland prioritizes to sign Rodney Hood instead. With Aldridge on the Blazer, the playoff is a lock. They also need money to sign Zach Collins in the summer of 2021, which Aldridge contracts off the books. Aldridge is a mentor or model for the young big man.

Why the Spurs will do it?

Rebuild! The Spurs will make significant improvements with LaMarcus Aldridge. San Antonio Spurs got a lot of young guys with Derrick White is the oldest at 26. These young guys showed the potential to be great someday. Taking Jusuf Nurkic is like an experiment if he can back to his form. The big contract on the final year is easy to move. Trevor Ariza can be a draft pick capital when traded to the contender. The Spurs must resign Jakob Poeltl next season which Aldridge is on his way for his minutes. Without Aldridge, they can fully guarantee Drew Eubanks or Chemizie Metu contract. A future pick is huge for the Spurs even it’s a late pick as they know where to find the talent.

Just perfect timing for the Spurs youngs to take over the game with more responsibilities on the court.

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