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October 26, 2020

How do the Spurs overcome an injury

Back in 1996 people expected the San Antonio Spurs to have a good run. Instead, it’s a total disappointment when the injury struck the team. With David Robinson having a back injury only suited for six games. The Spurs went to a 20-62 and got the first pick overall in 1997. With Tim Duncan, the Spurs win in 1999 and become a contender for the next ten years.

The Spurs win three more in 2000 era with a healthy Big Three. But in 2011 after getting the first seed overall the Spurs have been blasted in the very first round. If we recall the Spurs picked James Anderson from Oklahoma State 20th overall in 2009. A forward that has the potential to be a two-way player in the league. But a foot injury derailed that potential, he never becomes a player the Spurs want to be. The Spurs force to trade George Hill in the draft night for the rights of Kawhi Leonard.

Spurs went into three straight Western Conference Finals, 2 NBA Finals, and championship in 2014. With Leonard’s emergence, the Spurs’ been pick to be a contender for the next multiple years even without a big three. But the narrative chance quickly when he suffered a quad injury in 2017. The Spurs and Leonard didn’t get well, San Antonio looks like in bad spot after Kawhi Leonard wants out. The Spurs has been mediocre in the last two seasons, all are first-round exits.

LaMarcus Aldridge’s injury becomes worst, far from what they expected. The Spurs are one of the teams invited to Orlando to compete for the final playoff spot. Without Aldridge, the odds not on their side. Maybe still they have depth but the big man going to be miss when they face a team having a great big man.

Being considered as one of the worst seasons after two decades of winning. But this injury could make the team better. Once they miss the playoffs, they could be in the top 10 of the lottery.

This offseason is the right time for the assessment of what they will need. A start on how to be relevant once again in the depth Western Conference. Even they don’t have the talent to start like Tim Duncan, the group they had is solid enough to be in the right direction.

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