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October 27, 2020

How do the Spurs lose to Atlanta Hawks

photos from san antonio spurs

The San Antonio Spurs suffered another setback against the Atlanta Hawks 108 to 100. After controlling the third quarter with a 10 point lead they were outscored 38-22 in the final period which Trae Young had 16 of his 29 points, four of it came from the arc.

After six games Dejounte Murray played, the last one was his worst. He went into foul trouble early. Murray just made one field out of seven tries settled for just 3 points and three turnovers. His impact on defense to minimize Trae Young didn’t work out.

LaMarcus Aldridge’s game is good but not really good in the final quarter. He didn’t make a single attempt in which the Spurs need his production. Didn’t take advantage of the paint in which the Hawks went small.

The bench was worst as of these moments. Only Patty Mills had spark on offense but been bullied by Trae Young in the court quarter. Marco Bellinelli and Rudy Gay combined for 5 of 20 from the field. Even super sixth man Derrick White settled for just five points.

The perimeter defense gave up too many points. The Hawks outrebounded the Spurs 30 to 30. The bad rotation in the final quarter dooms their chance to win the game. Without a threat inside, they only converted 8 field goals of 21 attempts.

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