September 27, 2021

How do the Spurs can bid with Giannis Antetokoumnpo

One of the hottest topics right now is the future of Giannis Antetokoumnpo after a disappointing finished. With a lot of pressure for him to win in the last year of his fully guaranteed contract, others are evaluating how he can be traded. The big markets are waiting for the offseason to try to offer something for Antetokoumnpo services. At only 25 and a freakish athlete that can score around the rim on a high percentage, he could very valuable piece to starts a franchise.

So how the Spurs can get the MVP? The only way they can bid with Giannis is via free agency next offseason. Bobby Marks of ESPN projected that the Spurs can have at least 70 million cap space in 2021 as we assumed Derrick White signed a 4-year extension worth 54 million. This also included DeMar DeRozan yet to sign an extension.

With the Spurs aren’t really a great market for some NBA big names, Giannis Antetokoumnpo is different. He loves a community that accepts him and that’s why the Spurs can really get a shot with the MVP to sign. San Antonio Spurs are relatively close with their guys even your a superstar or role player. This the culture he could win multiple titles more than big markets can offer. Everyone called it home in San Antonio. With Gregg Popovich’s leadership, they can convince Giannis to play with the most successful franchise in the history of sports. In 2015, the Spurs bid with Aldridge together with the Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, and New York Knick but Texas natives choose San Antonio. Pop is the master who can get the best of his guys. He can motivate anybody and can make the Spurs competitive once again.

In the past years, Spurs just settled to sign a role player so they can maximize an option to retain their young guys who got the potential to be a huge part of the future. With a realistic 40 to 50 million on the table, it’s hard to turn down for that money. The last time the Spurs get a big-time free agent in 2015 they need to give up important pieces to sign LaMarcus Aldridge.

With already a great piece to start with, Antetokoumnpo just need to be fit with the Spurs way. The Spurs’ oldest guy is Derrick White at 26 and the other four is 23 and below. This group already proved that they can compete against anybody in the league. Adding a great player to the group could be a contender for a decade. Giannis can also improve his game under Gregg Popovich. They had a great shooting coach that revitalized everybody’s shooting form. The Spurs will also try to preserve his career. This is only the NBA team who doesn’t like drama that can create a locker room war.

This could be really a long shot but with the leadership, great group, winning tradition, and huge money the Spurs can acquire whoever they want including Giannis Antetokoumnpo.

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