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October 27, 2020

How do the Spurs can beat the Kings?

The San Antonio Spurs very first game when the season resume will be against the Sacramento Kings which they tied a season series. The first meeting was too close which went to overtime as the Spurs survived while the second one was the Kings owned the Spurs in the second half. We all know that rotation is a major factor for San Antonio to get a win.

So how the Spurs can match up the Kings?

First locked in D’Aron Fox by using more Dejounte Murray. The flow of the Kings offense will start on Fox. When you minimize him, the flow of the game isn’t effective. They will force to run in a half-court set instead of running that they love. Dejounte Murray is long and athletic, also a versatile defensive guru for San Antonio. Got a big advantage over Fox which he can’t allow to pass him easily. Even speed is Fox advantage, Murray had a length to disrupt Fox momentum. The Spurs should be consistent on defense with Derrick White coming off the bench.

Secondly, don’t let Buddy Hield dominate the game as he did in the second meeting after he torches the Spurs with nine triples in only ten tries. The Spurs can avoid such fate if they put more of Derrick White, Lonnie Walker, and a mix of Keldon Johnson. These three are the top dogs defensively coming off the bench. If the Spurs can put Hield into his below standard, the Kings have to look elsewhere. The Kings have more options like Bogdan Bogdanovic or Marvin Bagley but the Spurs also having Trey Lyles and Jakob Poeltl who can help protect the paint.

Another key to the game is the transition offense for the Spurs which they could thrive without Aldridge. Spurs guards love the open floor to score as they can avoid Kings to set up their half-court defense. Trey Lyles can run, Jakob Poeltl can also do the same on both ends. There’s no great shooter outside of Bryn Forbes and Marco Belinelli, so it makes sense when if they make the game a little faster. The Spurs can do it when they employ a guy like Walker or Johnson together with Murray, White, and Poeltl.

Even without LaMarcus Aldridge the Spurs still got better odds to beat the Kings. Defensively the team had a great individual talent than Sacramento. On offense, the Spurs had DeMar DeRozan to start with. Fate will always depend on how Gregg Popovich will make every game adjustment.

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