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October 19, 2020

How do Spurs become an underdog?

According to veteran Patty Mills the Spurs need to accept the mentality of being an underdog. With the two first round exits in two consecutive years they had the reason to be an underdog. With teams in the West signing All stars in free agency and trades.

But how come the most successful franchise in the history of sports come with a lot of disrespects.

The media made the Spurs a loser or the most disappointing team. With some of them predicts the Spurs will be out of playoffs. ESPN ranks LaMarcus Aldridge as 41st best player and Demar DeRozan in 46th. Even they are in the playoffs for 22 years it’s look like they are betting against the streak. With an improve Derrick White who played in FIBA World Cup last summer. Team best perimeter defender Dejounte Murray return from injury. With him they fixed the problem on defense which they rank on bottom ten. These group of guys played together in years. They are healthy as a team compared to last season.

The Spurs had the same Gregg Popovich who continue to strive whoever his personnel is. Demar DeRozan is emotionally ready for the season. Already adjusted to the Spurs system.

The Spurs also had the depth of the bench. They can use 12 players in regular season games. Until playoff time they are still useful veterans.

Media even ranked player who puts good numbers than Derrick White who played well on his important role with the team.

The team once again will shock the NBA and I’m not surprised if they go deep.

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