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October 24, 2020

How do Lonnie Walker IV get his minutes

After an explosion on his second-year stint in Summer League. Lonnie Walker gets credit with a Summer League Second team nod. A common trend for the team that their rookies playing in G League in the first year. Then a breakout on the next season. From Murray, White, and even Bryn Forbes it was proven.

The sophomore from Reading played only 17 games in Spurs uniform last year with limited minutes. Walker shows that he had the potential to be a franchise player. With his two way skills, it’s right for the Spurs to invest in him.

Popovich needs discipline on the court while giving your best on every second they are in the game. Lonnie Walker IV needs to play his role as a reserve. Given the fact that Spurs had depth on guards’ position, he needs to battle for his minutes.

Playing good defense for Lonnie is a must need. When he played last season his minutes were worth watching. His hands were active in the disruption of passes and putting himself in a good position to double team while getting back quickly on his man when needed. Per 100 possession he had a defensive rating of 107 which is five points better than the team allowed. He gets the physical tools to guard the best in his position. The two players that ahead on him in the depth chart are Demar DeRozan and Marco Belinelli. Lonnie Walker IV is likely to get his minutes when the shots of the later aren’t falling.

When he gets his minutes with the career-high of almost 26. Walker scored 16 points, five boards, 2 assists, 2 steals and a block with 3 turnovers. Aggressively attacked the lane led to a foul that sent him to the free-throw line four times. He also made three 3 point shots.

The kid who played basketball in Miami was also a mid-range lover. He converted 40% of his basket from 10 to 16 feet. But his skills were in the paint which 70% of his tries went successful. The good thing about him is he shoots 38% of his three.

Lonnie Walker IV needs to show confidence in his game consistently.

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