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October 19, 2020

How did Tim Duncan react to Richard Jefferson

Tim Duncan made headlines by taking over the Spurs last Tuesday night as Popovich had personal things needs to settle. Making great rotations help the Spurs find their way back to win in the game after a huge double-digit lead by Hornets. People around the league and media personalities praising for being a winner on his career as a player or coach. Until Richard Jefferson spoiled it in ESPN NBA show Get Up. The former Nets, Bucks, Spurs, Warriors, Dallas, Cavaliers, and Nuggets journeyman quoted Tim Duncan “carried” all of his career. The Spurs legend did nothing but yapping his mouth in the sideline which led to a walkout by Jay Williams.

Prior to the start of the Nets and Spurs game in New York, the former Jefferson was there to cover the game with the YES network. The former teammates chat with each other Duncan and RJ together with Tiago Splitter Nets development coach and GM Sean Marks also former Spur. RJ admitted he’s joking with Tim. While some of us or Spurs loyalists and Tim Duncan fans thought Jefferson is nothing but a bitter, loser and a bust player in Spurs uniform. Most of us defended Tim Duncan and said what he did in the basketball world. Some fans will throw anything that they can to the former Spur. For sure Spurs, fans said some explicit words towards him.

Of course, Tim Duncan is different no need for a smack talk or insults. He did nothing but chat professionally and exchanged jokes. They smiled at each other having fun and looks like a family that celebrating something special.

That’s why Duncan is a legend, he never makes trouble. He acted that everything is normal. Even we think he got insulted he just stay on focus. When Duncan bullied bu DeMarcus Cousins, he didn’t care just keep on playing and they win. Duncan’s class act is second to nobody and unmatch.

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