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October 22, 2020

How can Demarre Carroll help the Spurs

The Spurs acquisition last summer signed for a three-year 21 million deal. A veteran who provides hustle and defense. Carroll is more than a 3 and D as we define. He can make his own bucket.

There are two ways he can help the Spurs to win more games.

Versatility on Defense

The defense is his life he lives with this. He got his paycheck to defend the best offensive wings of opposing teams. With his size at 6’8, he can guard three positions plus the four if teams using the modern small ball. On his career, he is 2 points better when he’s on the court. Demarre Carroll was the part of starting five of Atlanta Hawks in 2015 who finished the NBA’s best record. He is a little slower because of injury and age, but he can still manage his man consistently.

Shooting and Offense

Three points shot his first option in the offense. Carroll shoots 40% of his three with the Brooklyn Nets last season. That was a huge help for the Spurs who attempted fewer than the league has taken. A team that relies on midrange will give the extra weapon with Carroll on the court. He also can get points on his own. He relentlessly drives to the basket when he saw the closeout in three. Being aggressive he awarded at least your attempts in the free-throw line.

The Spurs roster are consists of one dimensional in offense or defense. If they play the bench the defense suffered too much if they can’t hit three. With Carroll either he starts or off the bench the Spurs will be fine.

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