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October 23, 2020

How Bryn Forbes Can Have More Success With The Spurs


This undrafted guard from Michigan State has been balling well last year as he took advantage of longer playing time due to injuries to some of his teammates. Murray didn’t play the whole season while White sat out the opening month with a foot injury. Bryn Forbes took that opportunity to start at guard in 81 games.

Forbes has vastly improved as a player with the increased playing time. This can be seen statistically as his points, rebounds and assists averages increased, together with his three-point shot percentage. His improvement and consistency ran from the regular season and even throughout the playoffs.

The time spent playing on the court has also improved his playmaking skills that he has earned the trust of coach Popovich as shown by the number of games he started for the Spurs.

Forbes would need to further improve his three point shot efficiency to gain more success as a Spur, especially that Davis Bertans, one of their more dependable and efficient three-point shooter has been traded to the Wizards. Marco Belinelli and Patty Mills would be the remaining dependable perimeter shooters in the team aside from him.

If Forbes can further improve his efficiency beyond the arc, the Spurs offense will become more flexible. They will have better floor spacing for Aldridge to operate down low with his post moves. If Lamarcus attracts a double team, he can kick out a pass to Bryn for an open three.

It is imperative that Forbes and the other guards on the floor become more efficient in their three point shots so that Aldridge will not be crowded at the low block and that DeRozan can freely slash in the lane for a lay up. DeRozan and Aldridge has been well known for their midrange game so three point accuracy for the guards like Forbes will compliment the offensive game of the two veterans. It is good to note that Dejounte Murray has been practicing his three point shot in the off season. Their combination would be explosive once this duo click from beyond the arc. Not to forget Derrick White, he has also shown he can shoot threes and if he further improves on it, coach Pop will gain a full arsenal of outside shooters in his guard roster. Sliding at the three spot, DeRozan can work out his usual midrange game.

The defense of Forbes can be viewed as one of his perceived weaknesses. But coach Pop appreciates the efforts he puts in when inside the game. He could sometime use his quick hands in anticipation to clog the passing lane, steal the ball and create transition points for the team. Though it may come far in between, his efforts to be tenacious on defense can be seen. He is definitely coachable so further improvement in his defensive skills set can be expected.

With Murray back in the line up, Forbes may go back to his spot on the second team. Bryn may be expected to come off the bench and create a spark on offense. He may share backcourt duty with Patty Mills. Aside from shooting the lights out from beyond the arc with Mills, Forbes can further improve his slashing skills and convert on those floaters and sneaky layups. If he can vastly improve his outside shooting efficiency to go with his slashing moves and much improved defense, they will be up to the challenge to whoever they will meet in the playoffs of the wild, wild West conference.

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