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October 28, 2020

Houston Rockets is the best franchise in Texas?

According to Houston Rockets fans, they are the best ever franchise in Texas. Twenty-five years ago, they win back to back titles. After that, they never find success until Hakeem Olajuwon leaves the team to play in Toronto.

So they’re the best 25 years ago. Even their fellow Texans choked in NFL, and Astros cheated in baseball.

The Rockets fans feel that they are the best because they had Tracy McGrady who never advance to the second round of the postseason. They got James Harden who choke in the playoffs. But these motherfuckers Rockets fans still believe. When Dallas Mavericks, choked in 2006 they bounced back to beat the Miami Heat in 2011. Same with the Spurs, when they choked in 2013 they bounce back a year later to dethrone the Miami Heat. While the Rockets after they’re leading 3-2 a game away to reach the NBA Finals they choked against the Warriors. They got a chance to beat a year later in a rematch but still, Houston choked. In 2017, Harden choked in game six as he guarded by Jonathan Simmons another undrafted guy.

After 1995, the Rockets yet to win Mavericks got one while the Spurs has five. They win back to back when Michael Jordan retired. That’s why they are going to change the name of the team to Houston Chokets. Again Rocket fans are the most annoying motherfucker.

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