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October 31, 2020

History shows Spurs loved big man, Karl Anthony Towns is available soon

Since the San Antonio Spurs came to NBA in 1977 they became popular with a big man to lead the franchise. Yes, basketball before is for big man’s game. In the early ’80s, they had Artis Gilmore. Then in 1987, they win the lottery and selected David Robinson out of the Navy. They waited for him for two years to play for the franchise as Robinson had an obligation on Navy services. In 1993, they also made a trade with Dennis Rodman to help David Robinson bring the franchise into contention but came up short.

Ten years later after winning the lottery, they went into another jackpot got a chance to pick the no brainer Tim Duncan out of Wake Forest University. Helping the franchise to reached the first sweetest victory in 1999 against the Knicks. Then add four more in the next 15 years.

The Spurs also acquired LaMarcus Aldridge to help the Spurs. That time Tim Duncan is in the twilight of his career. The big fundamental is already 39 years old being healthy in one leg. Until now Aldridge helping the Sours reached the postseason yearly.

With the report that Karl Anthony Towns is unhappy with his lone franchise since he drafted after his Kentucky basketball. A lot of teams are interested when he’s available on the market. Reportedly the Gilden State Warriors keep on eyeing him. Which needs a major move of key players to create cap space for Towns.

The Spurs can make a run to get the service of the All-Star big man. They had good enough pieces to bid. They had DeRozan or Aldridge, young players which proven and had potential and together with picks to throw in. If Spurs want him, they can throw Bryn Forbes as a kicker.

Karl Anthony Towns is a generational talent that perfects in today’s NBA. A big who can shoot well from the arc, post effectively down low. Strong and athletic that can really find his guys well for open shots. Most of all, he’s young and a lot of years ahead with him that can make a run with Spurs young together.

The Spurs will be an instant contender if the get him. Anthony Towns brings a lot of things that Aldridge failed consistently. Scoring every night is good enough to get them better. With the wings already favored in the new rules, big guys always change the rules.

Think of this way, Murray, White, Walker, and Keldon slashing to lane while Towns give the spacing waiting from the arc to catch and shoot the three. Same with Luka Samanic while Kar Anthony Towns operates inside. Don’t worry about the miss Jakob Poeltl is always everywhere to give the team second chances.

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