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October 22, 2020

Hey Spurs, let’s help Patty and Australia

A series of bushfires are burning across Australia, predominantly in the southeast. According to reports, this is the most notable compared to previous years as it burned millions of hectares estimated to 10.7, destroyed almost 6000 buildings and more than 2000 houses. As of January 8, 28 people were killed.

Patty Mills a long time San Antonio Spurs native of Canberra Australia seeking for help as he tweeted recently. His fellow Australian who played in the NBA like Ben Simmons, Joe Ingles, Thon Maker, Matthew Delladedova, and Aron Baynes already pledge to donate 750 thousand US Dollars.

Eric Salinas one of the most active Spurs fans on twitter creates a fundraiser. For your donations click here.

Spurs pride is always family, we care for our people even from the past except for Kawhi. Patty Mills shows his dedication to giving his best wearing Spurs uniform in 8 years. He’s one of the Spurs heroes in the recent title that Spurs win in 2014. We cherished that moment and every time we need to be cool we watched it over and over again.

Now, this is our time to send back a little help. With a donation, the people of Australia will be enlightened. It will give hope to everybody knowing that the world loves them. Most people who love them are bleeding Silver and Black.

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