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October 27, 2020

Gregg Popovich signing give hope on Spurs and Basketball

With another contract, a three year deal it’s made Pop the highest paid coach in the league. The Spurs got an A+ signing this offseason, of course a little rebuild will always start with Pop. With 22 straight years of playoff runs and five titles in three decades, Pop figured it out how to win.

The team overachived everything this season, with 8 new faces led by DeRozan the Spurs give a hell of a run against the Nuggets. Expected to be in full gear next season, the Spurs will have another special run. With a chance to improve with two picks in first round of NBA draft, they can choose a better one in 19the pick or can move up by trading picks.

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Pop the master of everything, he is the one incharge of personnel. He choose DeRozan instead for young players and picks. We can’t deny the fact that he is so good picking individual to help his team wins. At first year, no point guard to start as DeRozan the default choice made a career high 6 assist per game. Maybe you had no faith with him because the way he loss in Toronto, but he is really good just put him a good piece to work.

If somebody can take the Spurs to glory, it’s Pop. The way he will put the pieces to help each other. Youngs like White, Murray and Walker plus Forbes will keep on improving. Tremendous upside with a great potential.

Pop knows he need a little changes, don’t be surprised if he trade players and it will likely to happened. The corporate knowledge that Pop brings to the organization is more than signing of Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving.

He is coming back, to guide this group. To give us a hope, hope in life and basketball. Pop will give media a one word answer and all will smile and laugh with him.

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