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October 23, 2020

Gregg Popovich setting up all of these and later on you will appreciate him

For the first time in two decades, San Antonio had a losing record. If the postseason starts today they will likely miss it. After 52 games at 22-30, they’re likely to pick at 13th, 4.8% of the top 4 and 1% for the top pick. Spurs franchise has been in the lottery three times in history. Getting the top pick twice, David Robinson in 1987 and Tim Duncan ten years later. Sean Elliott picked third overall in 1989 been a big part of 1999 first title.

The highest pick they had is Lonnie Walker IV selected on 18th overall. Most of their guys picked at 29th, or undrafted. Only the Spurs had a roster built trough late picks compared to other teams.

With people frustrations with all of these losing games, Gregg Popovich had set everything for the Spur’s future. They didn’t make a trade to improve the roster to compete for a playoff spot. Instead, he didn’t change his rotation to get better. Pop let rookies play in G League instead of getting exposure in Spurs game. Spurs are losing games that they should win. All of these are according to Pop’s plan. To get a top ten pick this June at NBA Draft.

One of the best targets they had is Deni Advija from Israel. An 18-year-old kid who’s doing stuff in Europe. The front office didn’t scout this kid for anything. They had a bigger picture from it, they’re highly interested in Deni Advija.

With the Kawhi Leonard forced to exit the Spurs window shut down. Unless they make a top pick who can help the franchise reach the next level. Name a team that turned multiple late picks into a good rotation player? Only the Spurs can do this thing, from Dejounte Murray, Derrick White and soon Keldon Johnson.

We’ve seen that Popovich doesn’t have enough fire on his eyes. But he’s looking into the bigger picture, the lottery pick. Imagine adding this new pick to Spurs rotation next season. Trying what they can get if exploring a trade for DeRozan or Aldridge. Oh God, forgive these fans they don’t have any idea what Popovich is planning. Later on, they should be thankful.

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