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October 27, 2020

Gregg Popovich Praises Colin Kaepernick

Coach Pop never shies to speak about what happens outside the NBA. While in Las Vegas, Nevada for a training camp. Popovich speaks about Kaepernick actions. For him, it’s a patriotic act.

Well, patriotism means a lot to different people. There are people who are truly committed in that sense and there are people who are fake. You the “show of patriotism” I think is a bit inappropriate and that’s not that something we want to emulate. Just because someone hugs the flag they are patriotic. Being a patriot is somebody who respects their country and understands that the best thing about our country is that we the ability to fix things that have not come to fruition for a lot of people so far. All of the promises from the beginning of when the country was established are fantastic. But those goals have not yet been reached for a lot of people. So you can still be patriotic and understands that there still needs to be criticism and changes and more attention paid to those who do not have what others do people have. And that’s where we have fallen short in a lot of different ways so. Being a critic of those inequalities does not make you a non-patriot. It’s was makes America great, that you can say those things and attack those things to make them better. That’s was a lot of other countries don’t have. You lose your freedom when you do that. You don’t lose that freedom here.

Popovich continues to praise the former Niner quarterback.

To negate that part of what we are able to do is ignorant in anybody’s part, to make those people be unpatriotic. Like a Kaepernick. That was a patriotic thing that he did. He cared about his country enough to try to fix some things that were obvious.

Gregg Popovich was a critic of Donald Trump. That makes fun of people with disabilities. While Colin Kaepernick is still out of the employer. Even there’s a lot of quarterbacks playing worst that had an employ. Likes of Fitzpatrick, Griffin even Eli Manning. Colin can still play better than this QBs.

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