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October 30, 2020

Gregg Popovich on Lonnie Walker IV playing time: We’re better than the media

Lonnie Walker has been buried to the bench most of his time this season. Prior to the explosion of his game against the Houston Rockets where he scored 29 points, he’s inconsistent with his minutes. The last game where they lost against the Dallas Mavericks he receives another DNP. Before the start of the game against the Detroit Pistons, Pop was asked about Walker minutes.

Pop on why Lonnie Walker isn’t playing more, “I don’t involve those sorts of discussions with the media because we do what we think is best for the team.” via Tom Osborn.

Walker played for 17 minutes and he responded well enough with a couple of highlights scored 8 points. He brings the energy in the team running the court in transition. Flying from everywhere and catching lob pass from teammates.

The Spurs are second to none when it comes to player development. Right from the days of Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. Until the G League arrives and uses the platform to develop their rookies. They also signed undrafted players who performed well in the league mentioned above. Nobody can replicate how the Spurs can do it.

The media will always ask why and how they should each guy. But always the coaching staff knows the story behind it. So why questioned a guy who gives the franchise a lot of success. He also set the Spurs culture, winning tradition and other good things the Spurs needs in the future.

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