May 17, 2021

Gregg Popovich on Embiid points at the end of third quarter: We’re not a sour loser

The San Antonio Spurs lost to Philadelphia 76ers 132-130 after Shake Milton made a clutch 3.

There’s a certain play in dying second of the third quarter that Joel Embiid made a basket on tip-in. The clock shows that it should be a shot clock violation instead of 2 points for the Sixers.

Popovich was asked why Spurs didn’t challenge that play and if they want to make a protest.

First we’re not a sour loser. Sometimes officials made a mistake that can favor your side or against you. We have multiple chances that we can win the game. Sadly, we didn’t get a stop. Secondly, that’s not the reason why do we lose. We’ve been outmatched by Joel Embiid, we rattled every time he touches the ball. We had no answer against him defensively.”

When we look back the Houston Rockets made a protest last year when they lost to the Spurs in double overtime. But the league denied it and count Spurs win.

If the Spurs contest that play, it could be only a 10 point lead instead of 12 and could change the complexion of the game.

Our guys played great in the fourth quarter we took the lead but we made mental mistakes and we pay for it. It’s tough” Pop added.

The Spurs currently 2-1 in NBA restart and will play the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday. They will also face Nikola Jokic and Bol Bol, both seven-footers.

Spurs still in the hunt for the final spot after Memphis Grizzlies lost to the Pelicans.

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