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January 24, 2021

Gregg Popovich: League should have drug tested the Spurs

The league has been known to have drug tested a certain player right away after a spectacular game.

San Antonio Spurs who only had a 5% chance to make the playoffs is very surprising. The Pelicans had better odds against them and were eliminated with the Sacramento Kings.

Gregg Popovich has a perfect response after asked about the Spurs had a chance to get 6-2 in the bubble.

“They should have had drug tested”, Pop said.

Nobody gives them a chance to win but they beat those three teams that are also fighting for the final spot. With everybody is playing well from Derrick White who put everything on the line. DeMar DeRozan led the league in scoring in the fourth quarter in this bubble tournament. Keldon Johnson who’s been a great revelation so far and a consistent Rudy Gay are some of the many good stories for the Spurs in Orlando.

” We could up 5-1 right now if we didn’t make a mental mistake against the Sixers. It was a huge one. The guys are working well and the growth is something I’m proud of.”

The Spurs still have a chance in a play if they win these two remaining games with Portland and Phoenix loss one more game.

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