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November 24, 2020

Gregg Popovich: I felt guilty for letting Boban walk away

For one season, Boban Marjanovic came to San Antonio in the 2015-16 season. The giant became a fan favorite in Alamo City right away. Fans demands to give him minutes once there’s a blow out game.

When the offseason began, the Detroit Pistons make an offer sheet to sign him. But Boban didn’t accept it as he feels San Antonio is a home for him, but late Popovich told him to accept it for the future of his family.

After five years, the Spurs great coach regret letting Marjanovic played elsewhere.

I felt like an idiot (when we didn’t re-sign him after his rookie season). Sometimes, you do things because you know it’s right for the person. If you can do something that’s good for the team and the person, that’s great. But he was, we brought him over here so he felt that loyalty and everything. But we sort of had to explain to him that that loyalty only goes so far. You’ve got to take care of your family, and people make decisions to take care of their families.

The offer he was getting was something that we couldn’t match, and I would have felt forever guilty if I would have convinced him to stay and give up all that money. In the end, I just had to say, “No, you’re going. You’re gonna go. You have a family. You have to do it.” And he begrudgingly went.

He’s also intelligent. It’s not like he’s a dumb guy; this guy’s smart as hell. But his agent had to talk to him, and I had to talk to him. I can’t remember at this point if I had anybody else talk to him, but he got it pretty quickly and understood that this was the logical move for him. We told him, we’ll always be there for you, anything you need and I’m sure the Mavs feel the same way about him. He’s been great.

The giant remains a fan favorite by every Spurs fan. Boban Marjanovic has a special place in every Black and Silver loyalist.

Currently, Boban Marjanovic playing for the rival Dallas Mavericks. He also played for Detroit Pistons, Los Angeles Clippers, and Philadelphia 76ers.

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