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October 25, 2020

Gregg Popovich: Game is getting bored

The lack of innovation in today’s game by the league coaches including himself. Gregg Popovich responds that the league is getting bored.

“We all steal from each other, that’s the bottom line,” Popovich said. None of us (is) innovative. We just look for somebody who did something well, and we copy it. And now we all penetrate and shoot 3s, which is very boring.” It is boring not just to watch, in the veteran coach’s opinion, but also to coach. “Absolutely,” Popovich said. “It’s simplistic.”

The league now is taking to many three points shot as long they can. Put buckets in whatever capacity they had. While the rest of the league is doing this, Spurs are not fans of it. They take the fewest in the league since three is the main offensive weapon. Steve Kerr who plays with Pop and wins two titles also agrees.

“I think ‘homogenized’ might be the word that comes to mind,” Kerr said. “There is sort of a pattern that everybody is going to. It’s for a reason. It’s very difficult to guard, and you have got a whole generation of young players who were learning to shoot 3s at a young age. A lot of floor spacing, a lot of downhill pick-and-rolls. It’s a lot of people playing the same way. “This league has always been kind of a copycat league, so this is the current trend. It doesn’t mean it’s going to continue”.

Steve Kerr who won three titles and dominates the NBA with Stephen Curry allows changing the game.

Gregg Popovich on the other hand simply used the Twin Tower in Tim Duncan’s early years. He put shooters and good role players to surround Duncan’s strength. When the Spurs big three on aging they started to make the beautiful game. In 2014 they dethroned the more athletic and skilled Miami Heat led by LeBron James with their own invented tempo of basketball.

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