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October 30, 2020

Gregg Popovich after a win against the Jazz: Are you happy that we’re beating top teams?

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When Spurs played against the top teams in the league they’re comfortable that they can win. Like the Utah Jazz, their latest victim after Spurs snapped their 3 games losing skid. They beat the Utah Jazz with 127-120 as DeMar DeRozan had 38 points on 11 of 19 from the field, 16 of 19 from the charity stripes. The Spurs guard added 5 boards and 5 assists which Spurs controls the whole game as they never down since the first quarter.

” Hopefully you’re happy guys as we kicked top team’s ass as we getting better. Those people around us who make nothing but blaming me we’re just getting fix things to have a good future.”

With Dejounte Murray had a bounce-back game had 16 points with 7 of 10 field goal, 3 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals and one huge block to Rudy Gobert. The most important thing is helping minimize the efficient scoring of Donovan Mitchell even the guard finished 31 points he works his ass to get it. Murray’s shot from 12-17 feet is money.

Four other Spurs scored in double figures all come off the bench lead by Patty Mills (18), Marco Belinelli, Derrick White, and Rudy Gay had 10 points each. Rudy Gay went to have a good matchup against Jazz center Gobert as the center looks for his points with a mismatch on the post. The match up exploited by the Spurs as Gobert went to the line 18 times but made only half of it. Patty Mills led the Spurs run in the second quarter to keep the advantage, while Marco hit a big shot in the final two minutes of the game.

With LaMarcus Aldridge out for the second straight game, DeRozan did what he’s doing for San Antonio. After a sorry loss against the Chicago Bulls as he missed a free throw that could send the game to overtime. A 38 point game without an attempting a single three. His midrange is perfect for the whole game. As also the officials find their whistle if DeRozan had to attack the rim as he went 19 times to the line.

For the record Spurs are 9-15 against team .500 and above. They beat the top four teams in the Eastern Conference. The Jazz is the third team in Western Conference that Spurs beat inside the top 6.

” I hope these people shut off as we’re making a progress on the team. There’s a long season to go, more games to be played and we can get this playoff spot when we’re on full gear.”

Note: Pop didn’t have these words this just to inform critics of Popovich every game Spurs lose.

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