Great trade idea: Spurs build with young proven guys, Nets have a Big Three

With the offseason unofficially began, teams are looking to improve their roster either to win right away or build with young guys to get better. One team in New York the Nets likely to make a run with a healthy Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving next season. General manager Sean Marks is determined to give a championship in Brooklyn by adding another star behind these two superstars. Before he takes over this job, he served as assistant general manager in San Antonio. The former Spurs employee had success to clean the messed made by the previous owner and front office. Once again, he can look for another help with the Spurs to secure a trade to help Durant and Irving. Nets can tops the Eastern Conference while the Spurs continue to build with young solid guys.

Here’s a trade idea that can help the Nets win the championship right away while the Spurs continue to build.

Spurs receive Caris LeVert, Joe Harris ( sign and trade), Rodions Kurucs, and Taurean Prince.

Nets receive DeMar DeRozan (sign and trade) and Rudy Gay.

Both teams swap their 2020 first-round picks.

Caris LeVert could be another star in Brooklyn but due to Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving’s age, the front office pressured to win right away. The Nets can have another scorer to help them with DeMar DeRozan who’s been more than a scorer in his two years in San Antonio. The four-time All-Star can be enough help as either in scoring or the secondary playmaker with the Nets. With the likes of Durant and Irving which very good players in terms of scoring and been proved to perform well in the big moments, it will take off the pressure on DeRozan.

Brooklyn can give a hell of a run against top teams in the Eastern Conference like the Boston Celtics or Milwaukee Bucks. DeRozan can contribute 20 points and 5 assists per game for the team. The organization had a new coach who loves to run more offensively, he can give task DeRozan to play more as a playmaker. His run in Toronto isn’t a fluke as we knew. While Rudy Gay is another scorer off the bench that can give starters a breather when they need it. The veteran proved in his career that he can still play on the highest level. A great shooter who’s been a mismatch offensively, even he lost his first step as Rudy, Gay, been more intelligent lately. For the Nets, it makes sense for them for letting Joe Harris played elsewhere as they can find much cheaper shooters in the market.

On the other hand, the San Antonio Spurs had enough young guys with Caris Levert which has been proven a lethal scorer without Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving lately. LeVert is a 6’7″ guy with a great potential to be an All-Star in this coming league. Caris LeVert could be a power forward in Spurs’ small ball version. Maybe he isn’t a great playmaker like DeRozan was, but the Spurs need another go-to guy in scoring. While Joe Harris could be a great deal for the team with his ability to shoots and defend well. The Spurs has been dead last in three-point shooting so having Joe Harris been a huge improvement over Bryn Forbes or Marco Belinelli. The other piece was Taurean Prince was a good 3 and D player that still need works for his all-around game. The former first-round pick was still young and a patience team like San Antonio will be huge for his development. While center Rodions Kurucs could be a cheaper version of Jakob Poeltl once he leaves the Spurs. He’s known for a good shot blocker and a marksman himself.

The swap of picks is both beneficial as the Nets had consolation to select first while the Spurs pick at 19th didn’t matter for them. As they always mastered the talent on wherever they take.

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