May 17, 2021

Great trade idea between the Spurs and the Warriors

For the last five years, Golden State Warriors dominates the league and won 3 of the last five finals appearances. It was showed that they can build with the trio of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. Before they signed Kevin Durant in 2016, the Warriors already made history by having a record of 73-9. A win away to complete the narrative of becoming the greatest team ever, but Draymond Green suspension in game five of the NBA Finals put everything in jeopardy. Golden State blew a 3-1 lead against the Cleveland Cavaliers. After that tragedy, they won back to back and it could run to 3 peat if not for injury. Before the season starts, they had high hopes even Kevin Durant left the team and Klay Thompson still injured but another injury to Stephen Curry doom the Warriors hope.

On the other hand, the end of the playoffs streak for the San Antonio Spurs struck the team. With struggle from the start of the season, injury for LaMarcus Aldridge, and losing closed games didn’t help their case. From one of the top defensive teams to becomes worst in the league, the Spurs struggle to win. Even with great individual talent, they failed to make it as a team. Spurs had a great run in the bubble but it’s too late to recover. San Antonio needs change that they should build on their young roster.

With the Golden State Warriors was run by former Spur Steve Kerr, both camps can help each other to dominate the league shortly. They can make a trade that can answer their needs. The Los Angeles Lakers will be dominant if Anthony Davis comes back. So it makes sense for the Warriors to put in a guy that can minimize Davis.

So how both teams can negotiate a trade?

Spurs receive Andrew Wiggins, Warriors 2020 second pick overall, 2022 and 2024 first-round picks.

Warriors receive LaMarcus Aldridge, Rudy Gay, the rights to the Spurs 2015 first-round pick, Spurs 2020 41st pick.

Why the Warriors should do it? The answer is simple, they need depth next season. Giving up the second overall pick for proven veterans could put them on top. LaMarcus Aldridge still a good player that improved himself from the arc after shoots 39% of it with three tries per game. He’s an underrated defender at this stage of his career. The big man can attract a defender at the post which can lead to some open shots for Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. A good mid-range shooter that can help the team in pick and pop play. Warriors could back on the traditional big five-man lineup but still can defend and shoots. Aldridge is a huge upgrade compared to Kevon Looney.

While Rudy Gay was such a great scorer and could help the Golden State boost their bench. The veteran can still score 15 to 20 points per game. Rudy Gay had ups and downs last season after the Spurs rewarded him full guaranteed money but the games in bubble proved that he can still get buckets. Although he’s not a good defender anymore at this stage of his career he can still help with the experience. A good one on one player that could lessen the scoring load to Curry and Thompson. The Warriors can put him on the post to play him as a decoy while Green playing as a center.

Without Andrew Wiggins and a guaranteed 95 million could help the Golden State Warriors finds depth elsewhere. LaMarcus Aldridge and Rudy Gay were in the final year of their contracts which means they’re off the book next season. They can look to sign good players if they can restructure their salary. They can avoid the luxury tax without Andrew Wiggins’s money. As a player, Andrew Wiggins isn’t a good fit to like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

On the other hand why the Spurs should do it? As the team building their future, the second pick overall could be a huge franchise player. Maybe it could be James Wiseman or Deni Advija as their favorite. Both kids had the talent to guide the Spurs into another great run. James Wiseman is only 20 years old that had potential like Spurs legend David Robinson. The big man was been dominant in just four NCAA games he played. While Deni Advija is just like a mirror of today’s NBA. A good young player that can play four positions on both ends of the court. The Spurs had an interest in him before he came over to the United States to pursue his career. It will be worth the risk of taking Andrew Wiggins’s money if they can pick earlier. Another pick is an additional asset that they can use in the future. Even realistically it could be a late first-round pick it seems the Spurs got no problem from it.

As a player Andrew Wiggins was overrated but he could be a good project for San Antonio. Maybe he looks bad with that amount of money he gets paid, but he’s only 23. Andrew Wiggins never has great leadership in Minnesota. The former first pick overall showed a little improvement in Warriors uniform. He improved as a defender as he doubled his steals and blocks with a little increase in shooting percentage. How much more with Gregg Popovich and the Spurs program. At 24 years old, the best of himself yet to come. This kid just missed 10 games out of 464 means Wiggins has been healthy for his career. A proper work ethic could make him not just a good scorer but a good defender also using his athleticism. In San Antonio, he will not force himself to takes a bad shot. They will dedicate themselves to develop him as the league was expected to Wiggins when he came to the NBA. Maybe he could be a late bloomer like Derrick White. With too much money on the table, the upside and reward will be a thrilling one that could prove once again that the Spurs can develop guys even without Tim Duncan playing for the team.

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