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October 21, 2020

Golden State Warriors Chokes again, Real NBA Fans Celebrates

When the odds are against them, Clippers thrives at best. Down by a huge margin in third quarter, 94 to 63 Lou Williams, Montrezl Harrel and Danilo Gallinari led the greatest comeback in playoffs history.

With the mismatched Pat Beverly guarding Kevin Durant, it was a huge impact for the team, even he called for an offensive foul by a flop of Draymond Green. Landry Shamet made a go ahead three after Alexander find him open.

The next possession, Stephen Curry missed a three and Harrel secured a rebound and two free throws to complete the comeback.

Golden State Warriors also lost a 3 1 lead in 2016 NBA finals over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Clippers broke their own record as they also defeated the Memphis Grizzlies in 2012 NBA playoffs after down by 27.

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