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October 25, 2020

Games that Proved Tim Duncan’s was the greatest

The man who doesn’t care about where he ranks as the greatest of all time. The one who made the Spurs a full-time winner. Tim Duncan employs too many people because of his greatness. The Spurs legend put numbers and translate to win. It’s not a regular-season number who made by like of Russell Westbrook or James Harden. Duncan was a big-time come postseason and game is on the line.

Here is the list of games that proved he is one of the greatest.

Game One 1998 First round against Phoenix Suns

His first game in the playoff as a rookie was memorable. Marv Albert said in the play by play that the rookie dominated everybody. In the end, he tallied 32 and 10 they swept the Suns in four games.

NBA Finals 1999

He was an unstoppable force inside the Knicks had no answer for him. It was 27 points and 14 boards in the series. With a total of 11 blocks in the series. Duncan bullied Larry Johnson, Marcus Camby, and Kurt Thomas to help the Spurs secured the first title. Coach Jeff Van Gundy stated, the Knicks had no chance of winning because of Tim Duncan.

Game 6 NBA Finals 2003

To close out the series the Spurs need Duncan to be a superhuman. With two blocks away to a quadruple-double the team needs to overcome a seven-point deficit over the New Jersey Nets. It was amazing what he did over Kenyon Martin, Jason Collins and Dikembe Mutombo.

Game Seven 2005 NBA Finals

Gregg Popovich guaranteed Tim Duncan wi be special in-game seven. Duncan complying double-doubles against the tough defenses of Ben and Rasheed Wallace. Being aggressive in the fourth that his two passes led to a conversion of two threes by Ginobili and Bowen.

Game One First Round against the Phoenix Suns

The toughest games of the series were game one. The Spurs were down in the game and they need somebody to lead them. Tim Duncan scored 20 points in a double-overtime win which highlighted by his first three-point shot of the year to push second overtime. He did this against Amare Stoudemire and Shaquille Oneal.

Game Six 2013 NBA Finals

Tim Duncan set the tone early for the Spurs who are a win away to fifth titles. He scored 30 points and tallied 17 boards against the young and in prime Chris Bosh. The Spurs are 28 seconds away when they blew the lead and lost in overtime.

Game Six Western Conference against Oklahoma City

With Tony Parker was out in the second half they rely on Tim Duncan to led the game. He helps the Spurs to build the lead in the third quarter until the Thunder made a rally. In overtime, the Spurs take advantage of every possession inside with the big man. He converted a clutch shot to give his team a three-point lead with less than 20 seconds left in the game.

First Round Series against L.A. Clippers

Age is just a number Tim dominated two best big men Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. Duncan was the Spurs MVP of this series. He led his team in Game 2,4 and 5 wins and even the best player in a game seven lost.

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