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October 28, 2020

Free agents that come to Spurs too late

The San Antonio Spurs aren’t a perfect place for those free agents who are looking to get paid or an endorsement. They are just a small market team who scared to get fine with the luxury tax. They force Tim Duncan to get underpaid in the last run of his career just to put a piece around the team to compete for a championship. The Spurs are just known to sign those old and role players to complete the roster. Some of them went right but some of it becomes busts.

Here are the Spurs signing that a little too late for the free agent to win a championship.

Pau Gasol, 2016

The Spurs are courting him after just winning the championship that season. The Spurs are one team that gets appealed to Pau Gasol. He’s a good compliment next to Tim Duncan which that time Tiago Splitter had some injuries. Gasol still a force inside and a good option at the post with a hi-lo play with Tim Duncan. Instead, Gasol chooses Chicago Bulls over the Spurs that summer. He became an All-Star and helps the Bulls make a great run in the playoffs against LeBron James and company. When he came over with the Spurs in 2016, he got a good start but injuries derailed his playing time with Dwayne Dedmon’s emergence in the starting five. The best chance they could win a title that year but Zaza Pachulia becomes a villain in a single play that doomed Spurs chance. In the next year, Gasol becomes been a liability on defense as his feet forgot to move quickly. If Pau Gasol picks San Antonio in 2014, the Spurs can secure a better seed rather than a sixth-place that faces a tough Los Angeles Clippers. They could defend their title much better.

Rudy Gay, 2017

An athletic small forward who came to San Antonio as a backup for Kawhi Leonard. Rudy Gay has been perfect for the Spurs. They got depth in small forward positions off the bench which he can give more breather when Kawhi needs a rest. But Kawhi has an injury at that time and just play all but nine games. The Spurs just managed the seventh seed and the defending champion are waiting in the very first round. That time the Spurs and Kawhi Leonard camp have friction when Spurs camps cleared by the doctors that he can play but Kawhi’s camp insisted the opposite. The plan for Rudy Gay didn’t go well according to the plan. The Spurs are locked contenders if Kawhi Leonard stays. The only good thing about Rudy Gay is he gets a chance to play in the last 2 years playoff run by the Spurs which he’s the best player in game seven against the Denver Nuggets.

Antonio McDyess, 2009

The big man came to Spurs in the summer of 2009 when the team made a big move to acquire Richard Jefferson from the Milwaukee Bucks. To give depth behind Tim Duncan and Matt Bonner are the only bigs. At that time, McDyess already 35 and he’s far from a physical standard he got from his Pistons day. In 2011, the Spurs have been physically bullied by the Memphis Grizzlies in playoffs. The Spurs nagging injuries when Antonio McDyess come in San Antonio, they’re in a rebuilding process. The Jefferson trade never works out, the Spurs become a good team in 2012 but McDyess out of the league.

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