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November 24, 2020

Fox Sports Host discredit Gregg Popovich as a coach

Gregg Popovich has been respected by the league with his achievement. Nobody disagrees with him when he talks everybody listen. Even the best players in the league love to be with Pop.

But someone from the ESPN Rob Parker was not impressed with what Popovich did in the league.

Not because I think he can’t coach. I just think he was in a great situation and circumstance. I think that has a lot to do with it when you have a great anchor like Tim Duncan for that many years. The perfect situation that he, obviously, had David Robinson before that.

“He maybe but there’s something missing. Maybe it’s because it’s only been in one place (San Antonio) and other great coaches have gone elsewhere and proven it wasn’t just in that circumstance.

I would take Larry Brown over Pop any day.

Well, Gregg Popovich is a three-time coach of the year with five titles in a small market team that great players never come at their prime. The Popovich program in San Antonio helps him to be more successful with Tim Duncan.

The Spurs evolved with Gregg Popovich from pounding the ball in the paint to great ball movement.

When somebody talks about they’re not impressed with San Antonio Spurs it looks like they’re jealous of what the Spurs achieved as a franchise.

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