September 27, 2021

Derrick White Outclassed Doncic: Former NBA champion had INSECURITIES about SPURS

YES, from the start of season “they” said San Antonio Spurs not gonna make the playoff this April, and the L.A. Lakers do. In early November the so called experts was right to be true, but December and January change the whole narrative and now they are on six game winning streak after they outplayed the Dallas Mavericks 112 to 105.

The match was televised on “Players Only” and Caron Butler former All Star and Dallas Mavericks player and a champion with the team even he was out of injury said ” I just don’t see any success for the Spurs in the playoff this year.”  

It was tough to swallow when you look at your future star was outplayed by unknown, Doncic had 9 turnovers and shooting 5/18 with 12 points.


Posted by SpursDynasty on Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Derrick White had 23 points and 7 assists and guard Luka Doncic most of the game.

Butler seems had a great career, but one of those experts who are bitter of the SPURS success in the last two decade.

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