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October 23, 2020

For the record, the Spurs are just fine even without Aldridge

If we think of the Spurs chances on the playoffs it’s getting slimmer after LaMarcus Aldridge and recently Trey Lyles injury but if we can take a look the San Antonio Spurs still playing well even without the six-time All-Star. It’s hard for the team where to find that kind of Aldridge production. The team will likely make some adjustments to the perimeter from their younger players. The Trey Lyles effect can be replaced by like Rudy Gay or any stretch four or big like Drew Eubanks.

Without LaMarcus Aldridge, the Spurs is 4- 6 this season. With two these losses were lopsided, 4 was close in which the two is clearly a win until they got choked in the final seconds. The other one is when they lost Jakob Poeltl in the first quarter against the Indiana Pacers. Spurs four wins are pretty impressive, two are against the top Western Conference teams.

How do the Spurs manage to win? Against the Houston Rockets, Lonnie Walker IV had a career game after he scored 8 straight points to forced overtime. He continued to shine in the extra period while guarding James Harden as Walker had 28 points. While his partner Jakob Poeltl has a quite contribution defensively after being clutch when he blocked two layups by James Harden with the time expired. The veteran DeMar DeRozan hit clutch free throws and draw an offensive charge to seal the game.

The Spurs also beat the Utah Jazz lead by DeMar DeRozan with his 38 points, he also went 19 times to the free-throw line. Dejounte Murray had 16, while four come off the bench scored in double figures. Against Orlando Magic, they secured a win by playing defensively on dying second of the game. Seven players scored in double figures. Lastly, against the Charlotte Hornets, the Spurs registered a come from behind win with Keldon Johnson have quality minutes after assistant coach Tim Duncan put him on the floor.

On these wins, the Spurs managed to work as a group. Everybody finds a way to contribute to help the team wins. Spurs improve defensively because of equal minutes by each other. The team doesn’t rely on Aldridge kick out pass after a double team, instead, they move the ball well as the team average 28 assists per game in four wins. Spurs like to operate the offense from the perimeter or thru transition.

With defensive-minded guys likely to get more minutes the Spurs can survive and get a chance to continue the streak.

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