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October 21, 2020

Filipino fan having fun with “In Pop we Trust” but the Truth is there’s nothing wrong with this

Popovich the greatest coach I’ve ever seen. So fans said “in Pop we trust”, means Spurs can win whatever Pop is doing. Fans trust him that he can produce winnings to the community. Five titles and twenty two playoffs, why doubt the man.

The thruth is whatever we do here. Even we jump or we shout, we had no choice whatever they do for the team. Even we want to trade for a guy who thinks can help, but if the front office want the other one. Still at the end of the day we fans are going to cheer.

History proved Spurs or Popovich made a lot of moved that can shake your head. Dennis Rodman for unknown Will Purdue a back up center. Rodman helped the Bulls to secure a three peat. The Worm a talented hardworking big man, who slowed Karl Malone in the finals and other big men in the league. We wonder why Popovich trade the guy? Because he is a distraction for the team. He was suspended for most significant amount of games. Look at the Bulls after the three peat. They are in lottery most of the time. Their supposed to be a star Derrick Rose got injured. They haven’t yet figure out the success they had in Jordan era. And it’s already more than two decades.

Same happen with the guy who is now in Toronto Raptors. They win on his first season alone. He is also a distraction prior to this season. A guy who his team wants to sit him in their bench with the streetclothes. Then this guy had a player option, got no idea where they can start. If he leave the city or soon his Uncle decide to quit again.

Giving a huge contract to Avery Johnson raised some eyebrows. Then people don’t believe they can win it all with him as a point guard. Even Damon Stoudamire insulted Avery that the Spurs is unlucky with him. But Johnson made a clutch shot in the corner to give the Spurs first title.

So why to question this mindset if Pop running the show. You guys watching the Spurs loss in first round and react that you had a choice to do what is better. Fans are happy even they don’t had enough to contend. They are glad that Spurs had winning season regardless of the result in playoffs. Even Popovich said in one of their championship run that building a caliber team isn’t easy. These people had a great passion with the Spurs.

There are bunch of people who cheer from Alamodome, SBC center and AT &T. Some of them since George Gervin days to David Robinson to Tim Duncan and Tony Parker. They’ve never shout for “Pop fired” or booing. They always shout “Go Spurs Go”.

I witness Spurs battles in the past. From Derek Fisher tears to Derek Fisher miracle shot. From Manu Ginobili great pass to Robert Horry to Manu Ginobili silly foul to Dirk Nowitzki. The Spurs had ups and down even in the prime of Tim Duncan. The good thing is Popovich able to adjust in any era of basketball. Whoever the personell he had left.

Don’t insult people who had this mentality. Because whatever you do even you hang yourself. It’s always in Pop We Trust.

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