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December 5, 2020

Fans are thankful to former Spurs after beating the Blazers

The Spurs playoff hope is still on the air. Every other opponent of teams competing for the final spot, Spurs fans are praying for them to win.

With a 3-2 (30-38) currently at the bubble, the Spurs are at 10th behind Memphis (33-37) and Portland (32-39).

The Clippers are without Kawhi Leonard, Beverly and Harrell. While Paul George been limited in the second half. The Blazers are in total control of the game until Rodney McGruder hits a clutch three.

Also thanks to a former Spurs no not Kawhi, it’s JaMychal Green who makes a clutch free throws to put the Clippers up to 3 points. Green also grabbed a rebound after Lillard missed a game-tying three. The big man had 13 points and 8 rebounds coming off the bench.

The big man played four games for the San Antonio Spurs after a call up from then NBA D League after a stellar performance in Austin Spurs. With the lack of enough money and Spurs have enough bigs at that time as Tim Duncan still with the Spurs together with Splitter, Bonner, Boris Diaw, and Aaron Baynes.

Memphis Grizzlies signed him for a multi-year million dollar contract after a solid showing in 20 games.

Now the Spurs need to win those next three games to get a spot for 8th or 9th place in the bubble. Also, they need one more loss to Blazers or Grizz needs to strike out the next three games.

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