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October 30, 2020

ESPN’s Max Kellerman: Spurs and Carmelo are Perfect fit

From a superstar to a journeyman, this is how Carmelo Anthony’s career down the road. There is no NBA team interested to sign him. Even his buddy LeBron James can’t give a spot for Anthony. The last time Carmelo played was in Rockets last year before he got waived. Also, Team USA declined onto him. Reports that he is working out with the Nets.

Anthony was a topic of debate in ESPN First Take and Kellerman points out that Anthony can help the Spurs.

” Here’s a guy who can get out most of Carmelo and Carmelo can probably help still- Popovich and the Spurs.”

” They have a good track record of taking old, skillful players and putting them in the position to make contributions to winning efforts.”

” A team like that Carmelo could work on”

Currently, the Spurs roster is already full. Carmelo is a ball hog who loves isolation. He’s also taking a lot of mid-range which the Spurs already had like of DeRozan and Aldridge. His defense isn’t good or great. Plus, the Spurs most need is a big power forward or center. So the chances are slim.

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