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October 24, 2020

ESPN: Tim Duncan is the most influential player

I read an article at ESPN NBA on how Tim Duncan influenced the league with his quiet demeanor. The big man spent 19 seasons in the league as he wins five championships for the San Antonio Spurs. Duncan’s impact on the Spurs was brought to the other teams in the league. As Gregg Popovich said, Tim Duncan is a culture. When he arrives at the Spurs he followed everything. He set as an example to others on how to be a winner. In his career, Timmy didn’t argue with his teammates or coaches.

RC Buford Spurs CEO, a former assistant to Pop, promoted to General Manager said: ” we’re here because of Tim Duncan”. San Antonio, the most successful franchise in the history of sports for the last two decades. The league trying to replicate that success.

Mike Budenhozer spent his first 19 years in San Antonio as a video editor, assistant coach and now a two-time coach of the year. He led the Atlanta Hawks to a franchise-record win in 2015. Also leading Milwaukee Bucks last year, and before the season suspended the Bucks is the NBA’s best and trying to make another hell of a run. Bud has been thankful for Tim Duncan as he quoted the Spurs are winning because of him that’s why they got a job elsewhere.

Players, coaches, and front office jobs the league trying to get it from the Spurs culture. Prior to Steve Kerr hiring to the Warriors, he learns a lot from the Spurs when he wins to titles. Sam Presti the architect of Oklahoma City Thunder that got a big three of Durant, Westbrook, and Harden. People taught the Thunder is a tanking team. But he turned Westbrook and George into a multiple futures picks and a fifth seed in the Western Conference. Presti served as a front-office job for San Antonio. The likes of Danny Ferry, Mike Brown, Monty Williams, Rob Hennigan, Brett Brown and recently Sean Marks. These guys gain a lot of success with the Spurs.

That success is coming from the sacrifices of Tim Duncan. Blake Griffin of Detroit Pistons said ” people want Tom Brady to be a model for two years, and Russell Wilson for one year the Garnett for the next year, but with Duncan, he’s there consistently.

The ESPN author quoted” the league trying to emulate the boring style of Duncan to be a successful franchise like the Spurs.

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