September 27, 2021

Prior to the NBA hiatus, MVP talks become more interesting with LeBron James playing on the next level for March. Sports shows been favored by the four-time MVP. But Giannis Antetokoumnpo leading the Milwaukee Bucks into a 53 record, the best by far in the league.

ESPN conducted a survey with his members if who will win the season MVP. Likely Giannis will win back to back after winning last season. Similar to NBA’s voting system, every first-place vote counted for 10 points, seven for second place, five for third, three for fourth and one for fifth.

Giannis Antetokounmpo earned 60 of the 70 possible first-place votes to as opposed to 10 votes for LeBron James, to top him for the MVP race of the season. Giannis led the voting with 670 points and James accumulated 514.

James Harden ranks third, who received two-second place votes with a total of 220 points.

Luka Doncic followed Harden with 171 points. The Dallas Mavericks superstar got 19 third-place votes, 18 fourth place, and 22 fifth place.

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