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October 22, 2020

ESPN ranks Zion over DeRozan and Other Stars


The ESPN released their own Top 100 players this coming season. From 41-50 they surprisingly listed Zion Williamson at 42 the highest rookie in nine years they have done. That was ahead of Klay Thompson (49), Myles Turner (44), Kevin Love (43) and, Demar DeRozan (46).

The kid yet to play a single game in the big league. He had a lot to prove if he can produce the numbers. Zion Williamson was the most hype prospect in the modern NBA. Although it looks like he can play in a small ball. He can elevate his game where the spacing was the most important thing?

These superstars proved already something in the league. Kevin Love and Klay Thompson was a champion and big-time contributor. Myles Turner was a rising star projected to be an All-Star. Demar DeRozan was a year removed from All NBA talent.

Zion Williamson could be in Top 100 but to say he better from this named above it’s unlikely. Do we remember Adam Morrison in college making his name? The Bobcats pick him and it was a bust, he sits to the bench to be a champion with the Lakers. After his contract, nobody gets interested in him.

College was a different competition than in the NBA. So he really makes his team better than the Spurs? DeRozan was one of the focal points on offense. He is the primary playmaker for San Antonio. Although the Spurs just improved one game with him last season because they suffer at defense.

It will be a different story now that Dejounte Murray is healthy. DeRozan will efficiently help on offense.

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