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October 27, 2020

ESPN put another dumb story about the Spurs


The last time ESPN NBA talked about the Spurs was they predicted the Spurs playoff appearance is over after they made a trade for Demar DeRozan. These people is yet to learn how the Spurs run their own organization. Twenty two years for playoffs under Popovich without a high picks in that period of time isn’t a simple task. The Spurs did it before others, the franchise didn’t had a high hopes in free agency or trades.

This person from ESPN said about DeRozan.

No insult to Bojan Bogdanovic, but he is way too far from DeRozan talent. Bogdanovic, who can shoot in elite level from any part of the court will demand for money. He is the guy who can stay in front of his man from one to three position or even a small four.


But the Spurs don’t had a money to pay him. They can look on others who they can afford, a guy like Garrett Temple, Gerald Green or even a waive candidate Courtney Lee. Trading DeRozan can create cap space but where are they going to spend their money? Do the Spurs had a mutual agreement in any notable free agents? They talk to Kevin Durant to run the show for Silver and Black?

Secondly, Lonnie Walker IV not yet ready to be the franchise two guard for the Spurs. He is too young and need to work out on everything. Bryn Forbes is good but he is limited to make an opportunity for his teammates. DeRozan is the bridge for this young guns.

With Demar, the Spurs can be a top four in the West. It so foolish for this people saying the Spurs making a trade. DeRozan and Aldridge can led the team for a playoff win some series and see what goes around. They can earned everything on every playoff games.


With the Houston Rockets likely to be broke. Warriors unlikely to pay another luxury tax, Denver had to think about Paul Millsap. The Blazers had no enough money after Lillard extension and Thunder already full. So this things doesn’t make sense.

Spurs can improved at their own in the draft with two picks in the first round. Financially, they need their money to spend with Rudy Gay.


As DeRozan the main piece of the trade last year. Popovich isn’t a coach who love to chance the scenery yearly. His patience to develop team chemistry is second to nobody.

That’s why he produced five titles in twenty two years. The Spurs don’t settle for a year or three years, they worked it out.

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